We've worked with the best, and learned from every collaboration

"I have worked with Michael and his team over several years, Michael is an energetic and talented human. He effectively manages a supportive team of landscapers, producing educated results across demanding sites. Michael consistently maintains the confidence of his clients." — Peter Stutchbury, Peter Stutchbury Architecture

"Working with Michael Bates and the Bates team is always a treat. How often do you find a team that loves what they do, nothing is ever too hard and are in for the long haul? They take on the biggest challenges with a contagious mixture of commitment to getting it right and genuine excitement." — Camilla Block, Durbach Block Daggers

"Michael Bates is the 'Architects Landscaper'; he understands, appreciates and communicates through an impressive mix of knowledge, experience and creative flair. He and his dedicated team know how to maintain the client and architect’s confidence and always exceed their expectations." — Robert Brown, Casey Brown Architecture

"I have known Michael Bates for over 25 years and worked with him as his landscape business has evolved and grown in to a substantial and efficient operation that undertakes virtually all the landscape works on our projects. Michael is a unique, enthusiastic and knowledgeable character with an absolute commitment to doing a great job on time and working with a budget. It is always a pleasure to work with his team, most of whom have worked with him for many years. It is a testimony to Bates Landscaping that they maintain many of the substantial gardens they have built well after they are completed. They are without doubt the 'Go To' landscaping contractor in Sydney and probably all of NSW." — Philip Corben, Corben Architects

"On our many ventures together, Michael Bates has made every project fun and fascinating. His horticultural knowledge is limitless. Any plant he doesn't know about hasn't yet been invented. His detailed knowledge extends to cranes, diggers, obscure machines and all the steps that go into the seamless delivery of a delightful, characterful and resilient garden." — Tim Greer, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects

"We have been working with Michael for a number of years now and enjoy the process due to both Michael’s design sensibilities and also the hands on approach to the implementation. " — Conrad Johnston, Fox Johnston

"Michael Bates is always a pleasure to work with. He combines boundless enthusiasm with a committed approach to getting things done within the inevitable tight time frames. Using Michael always adds an element of fun to the landscape, and everything is done with great gusto!" — Virginia Kerridge, Virginia Kerridge Architect

"The thing that really stands out for me working with Michael is that you're confident he will deliver, no matter how complex the request. In that sense he's a touch Indiana Jones. What's not to like about that!?" — Clinton Murray, Clinton Murray Architects

"Michael and his team approach all work with enormous enthusiasm. This makes working with them, as part of a project, a pleasure. What is more important however, is the skill and depth of knowledge they bring to each job. This comes out of years of experience, and Michael’s ability to build a highly skilled team. Their skill and technical knowledge adds an extra dimension to the creation of great landscapes and great gardens. Weir Phillips have worked with Bates Landscape over many years and anticipate doing so for many years to come." — James Phillips, Weir Phillips Architects

"We have had a very positive experience working with Michael Bates and Bates Landscape. He is beyond professional. With his expert approach he is more than capable of integrating landscaping contracts seamlessly with building contractors, and has adeptly executed the most difficult and challenging designs that our landscape architects have dreamt up." — Luigi Rosselli, Luigi Rosselli Architects

"We have enjoyed working with Michael and his team for over 20 years on a range of projects and sites around Sydney. Michael is a great person to collaborate with, and his enthusiasm and expertise has resulted in some fantastic gardens for our clients. The team at Bates Landscape ensures a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail, coordination and follow-up. We look forward to many more projects together in the future." — Kristin Utz and Duncan Sanby, Utz-Sanby Architects

"I have been working with Bates Landscape for many years and will continue to do so for their 'can do' approach followed by high quality. Work is carried out fast, which in a building environment where site labour costs are high, this is appreciated. The company has been of great assistance on many occasions to understand possibilities and ways to achieve them." — James Stockwell, James Stockwell Design

"I have worked with Michael Bates on several projects and found both Michael and his team very easy to work with and their work to be of a very high quality. My clients have also enjoyed a great working relationship with Michael." — Paul Bangay, Paul Bangay Garden Design

"Michael Bates and crew have worked with me on many of my more significant projects, through which we have faced demanding time frames, tough budgets and horticultural challenges with enthusiasm and a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude. Thanks for all your dedication Michael, I look forward to working with you in the future." — Myles Baldwin, Myles Baldwin Design

"Bates Landscape's 'can-do' attitude makes them an absolute pleasure to work with. Their extensive experience and deep understanding of design makes them collaborators as much as deliverers. And most importantly, Bates Landscape are relentless in their pursuit of the highest quality result, to the finest level of detail. We love working with them." — Daniel Baffsky, 360 Degrees Landscape Architects

"Michael and his team always find ways to make things happen, bringing optimism and a sense of adventure to their work." — Sue Barnsley, Sue Barnsley Design

"Bates Landscape care. Their works speak for themselves and are the real testimonials which reflect a genuine concern for quality, sharing ideas in a collaborative manner, a creative approach to making places better and the demonstration of positive ability to do well under any circumstances." — Craig Burton, CAB Consulting

"Through our ongoing collaborations, the Bates crew have shown enthusiasm, expertise, excitement and a willingness to support and take ownership of new ideas. We look forward to doing more together." — Sacha Coles, Aspect Studio

"When Bates Landscape implements one of my designs I’m assured the end result will look exactly as I intended, with careful detailing and thorough construction knowledge they are my first choice for 'up market' projects." — Michael Cooke, Michael Cooke Garden Design

"Why I love the Bates Team installing my garden designs!

1. They are "can do" men!
2. The team are familiar faces, we have developed a good working relationship over many years.
3. The quality of work is of a high standard.
4. We have lots of laughs!" — Marcia Hosking, Hosking Partnership

"Bates Landscapes can turn an idea into built reality with enthusiasm, skill and a great eye for design." — Jane Irwin, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

"I have had a long association with Bates Landscapes and have been repeatedly impressed by their enthusiasm and dedication to achieving high quality in their work. They have, in several notable projects, demonstrated their ability to take on and complete demanding and highly detailed projects." — Anton James, JMD Design

"Having worked with Bates Landscape over the past 15 years I always remain appreciative of their flexibility, willingness to work hand in hand with a designer and above all their can do attitude. Importantly I have found Bates Landscape as problem solvers and are driven by the ideal to do what is right for the job. Michael and his team are always communicative, reliable, and have the resources to focus on all aspects of the projects delivery. Michael values a strong relationship with the Client and he continues to enjoy much repeat business and constant referrals." — Andrew Leuchars, Leuchars Partners

"Bates Landscape’s work is a fundamental component to our projects' success. Michael ‘gets’ landscape architecture; he transforms the process of construction from a dangerous minefield to an exciting dynamic, helping you through decision making where compromising the vision is not an option. His business delivers quality landscapes that are driven by a wealth of unique experience." — Jim Osborne, Material Landscape Architecture

"Never ending innovations, infectious enthusiasm and always fresh approach to any technical problem is what you get when you engage Michael Bates and his crews." — Jana Osvald, UmbaCo Landscape Architects

"I have worked with the Bates team for over 15 years on a variety of landscape projects throughout metropolitan Sydney. On each and every project we have collaborated with them on, they have approached all aspects of the garden design with respect, intelligence and a youthful energy that produces beautiful and long term results." — Garth Paterson, Paterson Design Studio

"Bates Landscape is one the few landscape construction companies able to embrace with enthusiasm construction challenges presented by our projects. They approach work with infectious enthusiasm. Without the team of Bate Landscape some unusual and difficult projects, described by some writers recently as iconic, would not have been successful. Our relationship with Bates Landscape could always be described as real collaboration." — Vladimir Sitta,Terragram

"Bates Landscape has evolved into a flexible, creative, determined and supportive team of landscape professionals, as diverse and whimsical as our chosen profession. Apart from the constant eye of the proprietor, it is reassuring to find that many of the original staff remain. Our history dates back over ten years, I look forward to a productive future." — Steven Whitteridge, Landmark Landscape Consultants