Beyond the beautiful.
We create gardens with soul.

“Gardens connect house to landscape, plants to soil, and people to nature.”

Thomas Church

After 32 years of experience and over 1200 gardens, Michael understands the profound connection between people, place and nature. He knows it’s the small things that bring a landscape to life, and is inspired by the power of gardens as places for families and friends to connect.

Co-creation is at the heart of every Bates project. Over the years, Michael has collaborated with leading architects, builders, interior designers and fellow landscape designers and every garden has taught him something new.

For Michael, landscape design is an intuitive and visceral process which takes place ‘on the ground’ - an instinctive synthesis of our client’s garden dreams, the opportunities and possibilities of each site and Michael’s design inspiration.

Bates gardens are as diverse as our client’s personalities, harnessing the true potential of every unique place.

People won’t remember every single detail of being in your garden, but they’ll never forget how they felt.

Taking Care of Every Detail

30 Years of Landscaping

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