Bates Detail Garden Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful garden can be hard, heavy work. We have the right people and the right tools to nurture, shape and form a garden.

Professional garden maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your garden makes it to it's best destination.   It's not enough to simply build a garden, and walk away.  The key is experience, communication and a strong focus on getting the details right. The maintenance team at Bates Detail are experts at fine tuning gardens to make sure they thrive.

The Manager of Bates Detail personally conducts a Spring and Autumn review of each garden. Our maintenance team then implements the agreed garden strategies through regular service visits over the year.

We have proper reporting systems to ensure quality control. Clients get an email before each visit to find out what areas of the garden need attention. After every maintenance visit we email a report detailing all the work that was conducted on the garden. It’s our way of staying in touch with clients to make sure each garden looks its best.

Feel free to send us a message if you're interested in finding out how Bates Detail can help to ensure your garden stands the test of time!


    We maintain the majority of the gardens we design and construct.  Explore our portfolio to see the quality of our Detail team's work.