Garden Trends 2022 – Home Beautiful

It is in these warmer spring months that we start to get a sense of the year wrapping up. The weather is increasingly hot, the sun is out more, the air smells of florals, the days are longer and – in the world of homes and design – next year’s trends start popping up left, right and centre. That being said, the gardening trends we are seeing emerge in time for 2022 have certainly caught our eye.

From interiors to exteriors, there’s certainly always something to be said for these trends; given that they both influence and reflect our world and culture. When it comes to landscaping and gardens, things operate a little differently. The beauty of the outside world is that unlike in fashion and even interiors, things tend to move a bit slower. And it makes sense – a perfectly functioning outdoor space should invite us to take a step back, and take a deep breath.

The long and short of it is: gardening is up. We saw a spike in 2020 as the pandemic began, and everyone’s renewed love of the outdoors ain’t going anywhere!

“Box hedges are becoming old school, and the ‘order’ they create is being ditched in preference for clipped cloud forms and balls,” says Michael Bates.