Meet the team behind the gardens

From our humble origins as a team of two designers, our practice has grown to a thriving studio of five in 2022.  Let us create an oasis in the desert, or a clearing in the forest to embrace - and enhance - the design of your home.  With intimate knowledge of Australian and international landscape trends and deep horticultural expertise, our team will deliver a garden more perfect than you could imagine.


Michael Bates

With a landscape gardening career spanning more than 30 years, leading Australian landscape designer Michael Bates is renowned for being at the forefront of garden design trends. In all of his work, spanning more than 1200 gardens over thirty years, Michael is guided by a simple philosophy - timeless design. 

Over the years, Michael has collaborated with leading architects, builders, interior designers and fellow landscape designers.  Every garden has taught him something new.  A true landscape design agnostic, Michael Bates gardens are as diverse as our client’s personalities, harnessing the true potential of every unique place.


Laurie Holmes

Graduating through the TAFE system and undertaking a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments at Sydney University has prepared Laurie for a combined appreciation of how landscape and architecture integrate seamlessly to create unique, breathtaking spaces.

With an extensive hospitality & small business career under his belt prior to transitioning into the design field, he has an acute awareness for the unspoken desires of clients to ensure our designs are bespoke reflections of the clients imagination whilst seamlessly managing the design practice.

With a strong passion for sustainability and human-centred design, Laurie is academic in his application of design principles whilst aspiring to craft honest, captivating gardens.

bates design about sarah

Sarah Shum

Sarah joined Bates Landscape as a Junior Designer with a Class 2 Honor Degree in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University Of New South Wales. 

Since joining us, Sarah has assisted in the preparation of landscape character and visual impact assessments. She is a whiz at using 3D model and 3D rendering software to bring 2D linework to life, and finds visualizations like this fun and satisfying to produce. She also helps out with documentations for an array of projects across Sydney.

Her favourite quote comes from John Muir. “In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

Yuheng Tao

Yuheng Tao

Yuheng’s passion in art and environmental conservation guided him to complete his master degree in Landscape Architecture at University of Melbourne. After graduation, he ventured into media and structural drafting before joining Bates Landscape. The multidisciplinary experiences make him a more adaptable designer. He believes a complete landscape designer in this day and age should consistently expand their skills and knowledge and be able to work collaboratively with other disciplines.

about bates design leo

Leo Kim

Leo has recently completed his Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of New South Wales, where he cultivated a set of illustrative skills that reflect his passion for landscape design. Leo has a pair of eagle-eyes for design, with a precise understanding of detail and style.

Leo has worked across a wide range of landscape projects. His active participation and collaboration with the team in landscape design and construction has informed his understanding of where landscape meets the architecture.

As an advocate for people-place designs, Leo prioritises people first. He believes in connecting people to places and pushing through challenges to create flourishing landscapes that make people smile.