Bates gardens are a synthesis of our client's vision, the particular features of the site itself and Michael’s design ethos. This unique process results in gardens which go beyond the beautiful; gardens with soul, which are an extension of our client's personality, lifestyle and aesthetic.

This is how recent Bates clients have described their experience of working with our team...

"I love it. Personally I spend time reading, relaxing and listening to music in the garden, but the ones who get the most out of it are my eight grandchildren. Really, we built it for them and they come over once a week for dinner and love running around in it so much." — Mary Shaw

"From the first moment, MB had a vision, and an infectious enthusiasm. I could see that his design aesthetic and mine were aligned.

The garden matches up to our original vision perfectly. We love it. When I walk down the stairs in the morning and see the dappled light, it feels like I'm on holidays in QLD. It's magical." — Nicola Burden

"We absolutely love the garden, it’s beautiful. It brings me joy and calm. I spend time in it on weekend, but mostly I look at it and watch the kids moving around in it. We use both the front and back equally and as soon as you come into that space, you feel it.

We've had nothing but positive feedback from our neighbours. People walk down the street and can enjoy it too, so in this way it feels like giving back to the community." — Dimity Pinto

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