Better Homes and Gardens with Charlie Albone

Recently, Michael chatted with Charlie Albone on Channel 7’s long-running and ever popular Better Homes and Gardens.

The chat took place in Michael’s own Sydney garden, which he walks Charlie through, discussing key features.  You can experience more of this garden in our Portfolio.

Don’t miss this chat between two of Australia’s best garden designers!

Charlie Albone chats with Michael Bates (on Better Homes and Gardens)

Gardener to gardener! – by 

Tonight, Charlie sits down with his good friend and top garden designer, Michael Bates. Pull up a chair, lean in and eavesdrop on this conversation between two of Australia’s most renowned garden designers. You might just catch a few sneaky tips on what to do with the trouble spots in your garden!

better homes and gardens charlie albone


Property Notes:

Michael’s North Sydney home, Albert House, was built 100 years ago, reputedly crafted from stone salvaged from the former Albert Hotel. Michael set out to create a series of terraces overflowing with rich colours and textures. The garden has been designed to be admired both at the ground level and from the balcony above. It’s a quintessential ‘Sydney School’ garden, bringing together traditional north shore plants and sub-tropical exotics.  Photography in Portfolio and on this page by Jason Busch Photography.