Bates X King Furniture Collaboration

“If you’re creating a beautiful garden, it will transform over time,” he says. “Yes, it needs maintenance, but it’s going to get better and better and better every year.”

Michael recently took us inside the garden of one of his clients. Once a family home, it is now the meeting point for three generations of the family. Michael was given the brief to create a space that the grandkids could enjoy just as much as the adults in the family. Using furniture from the King Outdoor collection, Michael did just that.

Following on from the idea of the garden as an extension of the home, Michael believes that entry points from the home into the garden are important. “I like to create entry points wherever I can,” explains Michael. “Places to welcome home the occupants, or places to meet and greet and say goodbye to visitors. 

“The home is a refuge. It’s a place for rest and regeneration. It’s a cocoon and a place to separate yourself from the stress and busyness of modern life. The entry point should create an experience for visitors so they can relax and unwind.” Michael also believes in the idea of having different “rooms” within a garden, so that all of the activities people do inside the home can also be done outside.