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“Garden making is more than a pastime for a privileged few – it’s a civilising, earth-changing, powerful force for good in the world.” Michael Bates, The New Australian Garden.


"Michael Bates is always a pleasure to work with. He combines boundless enthusiasm with a committed approach to getting things done within the inevitable tight time frames. Using Michael always adds an element of fun to the landscape, and everything is done with great gusto!"
Virginia Kerridge, Virginia Kerridge Architect

We work with our clients to design a beautiful garden that suits their needs to a tee. Sometimes it’s about breathing life back into an established garden. At other times, we’re creating something from scratch.

In the process of garden making, we’ve discovered that when we lead the design process, we control the flow of information and ensure that our valued clients get exactly what they desire. By leading the design process, we ensure the free-flow of information - which has a direct relationship with workflow and with Bates Landscape’s commitment to high performance momentum management.

We partner with many of our collaborators to make sure that we have a neat fit for the particulars of each project.


"Michael and his team always find ways to make things happen, bringing optimism and a sense of adventure to their work."
Sue Barnsley, Barnsley Design

The garden-making process is exhilarating at each step. After the initial design phase, construction is the heavy-lifting stage, where trees, plants and materials are manoeuvred and nudged into position.

With our strong commitment to collaboration, we embrace the perspective of our clients as well as that of the architects and the designers of the space.  This pushes us to go beyond where others stop in the pursuit of exceeding our client’s expectations.

With Bates, you get experience, energy and commitment on each and every project, from breaking ground to ongoing fine tuning.


“It is a testimony to Bates Landscaping that they maintain many of the substantial gardens they have built well after they are completed.”
Phillip Corben, Corben Architects

It’s not enough to build a beautiful garden and walk away.  Every garden needs experienced stewardship to reach its full potential, and this is where Bates Detail come in.

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