Australia’s Most Magnificent Gardens

A stroll around three of Australia’s most magnificent gardens

Three of Australia’s leading landscape designers give us a sneak peek at their different, and abundantly beautiful, botanical masterpieces.

They may differ in style, but inside each of these gardens is a sanctuary full of creativity, fragrance and careful composition. Their talented makers take us for a stroll.

Pirramimma by Michael Bates

Pirramimma is in the Blue Mountains and sits on 4.8 hectares of land. “The garden was established over 30 years ago by local nurseryman John Gaibor and actor Reg Livermore,” Bates says.

An arboretum of sorts, Bates was asked to recraft it into a pleasure ground to accommodate the client’s growing art collection.

Collaborating with master landscaper Craig Burton and architect Peter Stutchbury, an overarching design was rolled out. “The Blue Mountains is a hill station community,” he says. “This history was the framework for our contemporary garden.”

Michael Bates was asked to recraft the garden into a pleasure ground to accommodate the client’s growing art collection. Photo: Jason Busch

Bates began his reimagination of the property by using what was already there. He then provided structure, retained bigger assets such as the lake, and moved some of the trees. “We transplanted them into a site nursery, and later relocated them,” he says.

The garden is profuse with maples, rhododendron and azaleas. Bates wove his magic around new art as it arrived on site. “The owner was procuring sculptures throughout the process that we worked into the design,” he says. “It was an enriching experience.”

The view from the house down onto the lake is glorious. “If there was a way to bottle and drink peace, this would be it,” he says.

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All photography by Jason Busch.

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